Topic #1

Topic #1

How to answer the question:

     Should I go into Business for my Self?
     What business it right for me?
     Participants will delve into their experience, passion and goals to answer the nagging question: What business is right for me?

By digging deep into your desire and gaining a greater understanding what drives you to want your own business you will be in a better position to decide on the type of business that will truly make you happy.

You will leave this program with a plan to go from I would like to be in a business for myself to this is the business for me.

Topic #2

Topic #2

Create a Road Map for Your Business Growth and Achievement.

Don’t let the lack of a clear plan cause you to waste time, energy and your money. One of the major causes of frustration and at times failure in business is the lack of a specific step- by- step action plan. A specific actionable plan will allow you to confidently plan and move step- by- step toward achieving your goal.

This program will give you the tools you need to create a road map to achieve your business goals.

Topic # 3

Topic # 3

Market your Business on a Shoe String Budget.

      You have a great product or services and a limited budget. Does this describe you?

In this workshop you will pick up many inexpensive marketing tools you can use to deliver your marketing message to you customers. You will also look at and identify the benefits of doing business with you from your customer’s point of view. This look from the outside in may well cause you to change how you market to you customers.

By gaining a greater understanding of what your customers want, you will be in a better position to efficiently and inexpensively deliver your marketing message.

Topic #4

Topic #4

Creating a Profit Strategy for Your Business.

      Do you have a profit strategy?

In this workshop you will use proven tools to create a profit strategy.The workshop will guide you in determine how you set realistic sales goals.Calculate you true cost of sales and gross profit margins. Use cost ratios to determine if you expense are in line with your sales.Establish how and where to make adjustment to increase profit and cash flow. So you are not caught with unanticipated cash shortages you will create a worksheet to forecast future cash flow needs. Cash is King.

In this workshop you will you will use tools to understand how to project your cash flow and avoid those unexpected crisis creating cash flow shortages.

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