Here are resources that I have used and continue to use as I grow my business.

I am sure they will help you to set and archive your goals and grow your business.



The Power of Focus: Authored by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Less Hewitt.


Be a Trusted Leader: Authored by Ed Oakley and David Jackson.
Leadership Made Simple: Authored by Ed Oakley and Doug Krug.

Competitive Advantage

Relevant Selling: Authored by Jaynie L. Smith, Craig Mowrey and Mark Steisel.
Creating Competitive Advantage: Authored by Jaynie L. Smith and William G. Flanagan.


Zero-Time Selling: Authored by Andy Paul.
Snap Selling: Authored by Jill Konrath.


Words That Work: Authored by Dr. Frank Luntz.
31 Tips to Becoming an Effective Presenter: Author Frank S. Adamo.


Power Sales Writing: Authored by Sue Hershowitz-Coore.
Words That Sell: Authored by Richard Bayan.

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