Profit Strategies

Do you have a Profit?

Without a profit strategy you’ll soon be without a business.


Why do so many businesses fail?
       Not because they do not have a good product.
       Not because the owners are not knowledgeable and skilled in their industry.
       Not because they are necessarily underfunded.
       They fail, because the owner does not have a realistic profit strategy.
Do not know their required minimum monthly sales numbers?
Do you understand what their Income and expense records are telling them?
Do you know how to interpret expenses in relation to your sales numbers?
If you do not understand how to work with you numbers to increase your profit… Well. You know the answer.
The Benefits of a Profit Strategy

The workshop, “How to Create a Profit Strategy” are designed to help you answer the above question so that you will know and understand how to work with you financial information.

The workshop will give you tools to help you make better decision, save you time and money based on the financial strategies you create.

You will get: Strategies to set realistically achievable sales and expense targets.

So that you can: Plan for you cash flow needs and manage both your income and expenses.

Knowing your numbers, will reduce your stress and give you energy.

Your creative energy will increase.

You will have more fun building your business.

This means you: Will have more time and energy to work on the growth of your business and not be consumed by your business.

You will move from being consumed and focused on the day to day operation of your business to using you time and creative energy to plan on how to maximize opportunities and grow your business.

The profit building strategy workshop will include the following:
Calculate the amount of cash you will needed to open your business.
Sources of funds.
Pricing your goods and services
Sales volume to sustain your business
Operating cash flow.
Forecasting the unforeseen.
Forms of doing business.
Basic recordkeeping.
Understanding your Profit and loss statement.
Understanding your Balance sheet.
Managing inventory.
Managing Accounts Receivable.
Managing Accounts Payable.
Planning for growth.
Funding your business growth.

"Strategies for your SUCCESS!"

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