Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

Without a correct well-planned marketing strategy you may spend a lot of your valuable time, money and energy either attracting few customers or worse yet the wrong customer.

How do you currently, let your customer and potential customer know about the benefits of doing business with you?

Do you have a focused marketing strategy and a marketing message?

By answering the following three questions you will gain insight as to how effectively you are expending your time, energy and money.

 Who has a need for you product?
Describe your customer. By describing you customer you are in a better position to understand what you need to do to focus on the needs of your customer.
 Why do they need your product?
Describe what your customer will be able to do or experience by using your product.
 How will your product improve your customer’s life?
Describe in vivid detail what using you product or services will allow your customer to do, feel or achieve.

My Goal

My goal is to work with you to help you avoid spending your,
time, money and energy on marketing campaigns that produce low results.

Regardless of your business: To achieve your goal you must be able to focus on who is you customer and how will they benefit from doing business with you.

Entrepreneurs and business owner leave my workshops saying, “I came in thinking I knew and understood my customer.” However, “This workshop has given me a new way of thinking about my marketing strategy and my customer.”

The workshop on creating your marketing strategy will include the following:

 Not because the owners are not knowledgeable and skilled in their industry.
 Identifying your ideal customer.
 Identifying what your ideal customer wants and needs.
 How your product or service will satisfy your customers wants and needs.
 Why the customer should choose you to do business with.
 Identifying what your customers have in common.
 Identifying where to find your customer.
 Choosing methods to communicate with your customer.
 Choosing marketing methods to reach your client.
 Exploring motivating words and phrases that move your customer to buy.
 Writing marketing copy.
 Creating a customer touch timeline.
 Explore colors that your customer relates to.
 Best fonts for your business.
 Presenting yourself and your business socially.
 Creating a marketing budget.

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