My mission for over 40 years is to work with entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve their business goals and avoid expensive time consuming mistakes. As a small business management and income tax consultant I worked with individuals to create and implement a business achievement plan. The purpose of the plan was to provide a roadmap with measurable shot term and long term goals.

Working from the roadmap, or the achievement plan as I like to call it, the business owner was more confident in the decisions they were making and could measure the result of their decision. This greatly decreased the amount of time, money and effort required to achieve their goal.

There was one thing that seemed to come up at least once if not twice a year that just broke my heart.
A new client would be referred to me usually by attorney to work with them in resolving their business and tax issues. Usually by the time the business owner came to see me they were in such deep tax and
financial trouble their business could not be saved. All I could do was to work to reduce damages.

When I meet with these individuals I would ask the following questions:

Do you have a business plan?
Typically the answer was no. I did not think I needed one since I knew what I was doing.


Did you consult with an advisor such as a banker or attorney before you went into business?
Again usually the answer was no.


How did you fund your business?
Usually they replied we refinanced our home, took an early distribution from our retirement plan and relied on our credit cards to finance the business.


These individuals were not stupid people. Their mistake was believing they knew all there was to know about running a successful business sense they were very knowledgeable in the industry and carrying out specific functions of the business.

What they failed to realize was they needed to understand marketing, customer relations, employee relations, tax issues, pricing, cash flow management and how to use their profit and loss statement to effectively manage their business.

My goal is to provide you with information you can use to confidently move forward in your business and avoid expensive time-consuming mistakes.

"Strategies for your SUCCESS!"

Gary McKinsey is Your Business Growth Strategist.

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